२०८१ जेठ ८ गते | 21st of May 2024


 प्रकाशित: २०७६ असार १० गते २०:४९

Los Angeles –  Himalayan Helping Hand, a proud sponsor of 4th Nepalese Convention 2019, sincerely likes to invite all of you to participate to this Great Convention being held from 5th to 7th July, 2019 at Long Beach Hotel Marriot. The sole purpose of this event is to unite us in one place by organizing many events that fits best in the area of your interests such as- various sports competitions, cultural and educational events. It’s purely a not- political event operated and run by youths of Nepali community.

For those of you who are not fully familiar with Himalayan Helping Hand (In short, we call it triple-h) -is a non-profit organization established under 501c3 in year 2015. Initially, it was established to fulfill dire demand of earthquake victims but later on it has started to help various spheres. In its small capacity, HHH, has helped to many earthquake victims, built school and libraries, encouraged students in rural areas by establishing scholarship and giving out technologies. It aims to further assist to the areas of educational and cultural in Nepal.

This time, by organizing this great event F1 group with the help of Himalayan Helping Hand brings you an opportunity to know Nepali brothers and sisters living in southern California more closely than ever. Many distinguished dignitaries, professional experts and well known artists have given their words to fully support and participate in this program. Please DO NOT miss this great opportunity of togetherness and entertainment.

Himalayan Helping Hand always recognizes, believes and supports to youths of Southern California that’s why it has sponsored the event like this solely run by prominent youths of Southern California. Hope you also believe in them and will support by giving your strong participation. It’s our event, it benefits us and it entertains us. Please do come to join us hand-in-hand and make it as a successful event.

Thanking You !

Kapil Adhikari
President, Himalayan Helping Hand and
Chairperson, 4th NAC Conventoin – 2018

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