२०८० फागुन १५ गते | 27th of February 2024

The Himalayan Expo has the full support of the government – Tourism Minister Bhattarai

 प्रकाशित: २०७६ असोज ३ गते २०:५८

Kathmandu – Government of Nepal,  Minister for Tourism Yogesh Bhattarai has pledged full support to the first ‘International Himalayan Expo- 2020′ to be held in Nepal from April 7 to April 3.  The Himalayan Expo – 2010 will help in BrikutiMandap International Fair Center, BrikutiMandap, Kathmandu in Nepal.

This international trade fair will be personally organized by the Nepalese businessmen, with the help and participation of Nepali businessmen and Nepalese business associations, to promote Nepali handicraft and Nepalese products by targeting the much-awaited Nepal Tour Year -2020.

Himalayan Expo – 2020, is sure to be in the presence of business members and organizations all over the world. Minister for Tourism Bhattarai has said that he will cooperate with Kapil Adhikari, CEO of Expo Organizers’ Himalayan Group, Inc., who has reached Nepal for the information, preparation and meeting of Nepali business associations.

The main source of Nepal is tourism. People from all over the world visits Nepal, the country of Mt. Everest and  the holy land of Lord Buddha.  The mission of the Himalayan Expo – 2020 is  to identify, culture and hospitality of the land of great hospitality.  Expo will reach out to  tourism year – 2020.

Kapil Adhikari, the organizer and managing director of the Expo, had earlier directed the Government of Nepal Commerce and Supplies Secretary Baikunth Aryal, former Nepalese Ambassador to the United States and economist Dr. Shankar Sharma, Nepal Chairman of the Office of the President Rajesh Kaji Shrestha and Vice President Naresh Shrestha have already been informed about the expo.

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