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 प्रकाशित: २०७६ असार २५ गते १९:१७

Los Angeles – The Fourth Nepalese American Convention held on July 5 -7, 2019, in Los Angeles was a grand success despite time constraints for preparation. The event, which was organized by F1 Group in association with Himalayan Helping Hand, not only thrilled our youths with sports and cultural events, but also became instrumental in uplifting our identity as Nepalese Americans; the presence of honorable California State Senator Bob Archuleta in the opening ceremony elevated our identity in Southern California as a visible minority. Addressing the attendees, Senator Archuleta lauded the Nepali community for their hard work and commitment to community service. He also praised the convention committee for motivating youth through soccer and other sports competitions. Chief Guest Former Ambassador of Nepal to the United States of America Dr. Shankar Sharma praised the diaspora Nepalis for their love for their motherland. Artesia City Councilman and former Mayor Ali Taj expressed commitment to work together with the Nepalis. Honorary Consul General of Nepal Rishi P. Dhakal and representatives of various Nepalese American community organizations (nonprofits) attended the opening ceremony.

The convention featured six informative sessions, such as academic success, immigration, visit Nepal 2020 (Lumbini, Nepal: Birthplace of Buddha), home-ownership, business, and diaspora literature. There was enthusiastic participation of locals in all the sessions. For the first time, this convention brought together Nepalese American university professors, scientists, engineers, doctors, journalists, business owners, realtors and many more hardworking Nepalese immigrants into one venue. Likewise, there were sports tournaments, concerts, and cultural events that attracted the attention of the second-generation Nepalese Americans. Nepalese American sports teams from six different states participated in soccer, basketball, and cricket tournaments. The main purpose of this convention was to provide a platform for the Nepalese American youths to integrate into the community by providing them with networking opportunities through sports, concerts, and cultural events. Nepalese American youths greatly benefited from this convention.

On behalf of the convention organizing committee, we would like to thank sports teams, participants, representatives of various Nepalese community organizations, volunteers, business owners, professionals, and journalists for their unconditional support. This convention has encouraged us to do even better next year.

Rameshor Bhandari
Convener, Nepalese American Convention 2019

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