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Lenny Kravitz Admits He Still Skips Underwear – Despite ‘Penis Gate’ Controversy

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Janet Jackson. Chrissy Teigen. Nicole Kidman. Wardrobe malfunctions happen to some of the biggest names in Hollywood. But one of the most memorable outfit mishaps of all time is Lenny Kravitz‘s NSFW moment, which was caused by his own opposition to wearing underwear.

And Kravitz’s preference for going commando hasn’t changed since the viral incident.

The singer even openly admitted to Mr. Porter for their interview that he was again without an extra layer down there.

“Do I have any underwear on now? No,” he said. “Thus the problems that I incur.”

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Kravitz’s pants split during an August 2015 performance in Stockholm, Sweden, exposing his crotch and a piercing on his privates. The footage quickly made the rounds on social media.

“I didn’t rip them,” he said with a laugh. “They became ripped. It was fine. But it was a little cold in Sweden. I would’ve warmed it up a little, had I known.”

The rocker recovered from the ripped-pants incident, walking backstage to change into a fresh pair. (We imagine he has a whole wardrobe full of leather trousers.) And he addressed “#penisgate” with a single Tweet showing an expletive-filled text he received from his good friend and fellow rocker, Steven Tyler. (Read it here.)

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His inclination to go commando falls in line with Kravitz’s laid-back approach to style which suits his lifestyle at the moment.

“I’m over the whole fashion thing,” he explained, opting simply for “denim, denim, denim” while planting trees in Eleuthera. “On the island, I wash my clothes with a hose. I have a bottle of Dr Bronner’s soap, almond. I wash my body with it, I wash my clothes with it. And then I put them on a rock to dry.”

At 53, the musician says he’s “never felt so vibrant as I do right now.”

“I have done nothing to my body or my face. I just wash it with water,” he revealed. “I eat primarily raw, foods that are alive, vibrating, emit energy. I eat off the land in the Bahamas,” where he has his own organic farm.

Are you behind Lenny Kravitz’s “no undies, no problems” philosophy? Hit us with your thoughts in the comments.

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