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Nepalese and friends in California, stand for Nepali language

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Mani Nepali Paneru

San Francisco – Nepalese and friends of Nepali community unite to honor Nepali language in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of California. DMV. As DMV has various language options to attend Driving License written test, the Nepali Community and their friends in California have started a petition addressing California secretary States as well as California State Senate and California State House. It is estimated that over 100,000 Nepali language speakers will be benefitted with this provision if it is accepted by the DMV of California. The petition has just started, and it is getting an enthusiastic response by people and has almost reached 1,500 signatures.

Thanks to California lions for their invaluable initiative for this wonderful endeavor. All Districts of District MD 4 of Lions Clubs International, covering entire California has made it a priority project with special initiation by DG Rajen Thapa, the first Nepali District Governor outside Nepal and Dr. Bob. The MD4 Council of Governors will fund the translation processing in the even the state grants the petition. District Governor of District 4C3 Lion Rajen Thapa have urged all the Nepalese brothers and sisters in California and beyond, along with friends of Nepali community to sign the petition for this noble cause.

A task force led by NRNA ICC Member Dilli Bhattarai to speedily the project and Mr. Krishna KC, the founder of Hollywood Khabar will assist in publicity. Various organizations in Bay area including NANC, NAGC, WANA and all the Nepalese Lions clubs in USA have shown their commitments to contribute to reach out the people and assist them sign the petition. The observers remark that, this initiative is a great step for not only adding a new color in American culture but also towards bridging our divided community. It is expected that it will bring a momentum.

Contributed by-Lion Mani Nepali Paneru

Media Coordinator, Lions International District 4C3

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