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The LEGEND of Liberation

 प्रकाशित: २०७४ माघ २ गते २०:५९

– Shreyash P Shrestha

Many say that the U.S is a leader of liberty and privacy of its people. But now it has been proven otherwise by Edward Snowden, who is a hero of the people for leaking information, that the government has kept from us. Snowden gave out programs and functions that the government used with societies, such as the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which were illegal. Edward Snowden gave everyone information and knowledge the people should know about, as of what the government was doing incognito. Similarly, he alerted the liberated people that the NSA and the FBI, the people who we thought protected us are spying on us and taking our personal information. Most of all this wasn’t just us. This has also been happening to people in foreign countries such as politicians, leaders, and very important people. Then the government even got into the people’s personal information and monitored it on their phones, laptops, etc., from this they broke their laws and policies. Snowden revealed all types of information; the U.S had in their storage.

By comparison, Edward Snowden, the protector revealed personal and private information, which our government had illegally stolen for the use of themselves, which should be free to their people. Most of all, the government took all of their people’s information that should be personal to them, and just stored it in the process. The NSA was using a program called ¨Prism¨, that Snowden exposed in his leaks. The National Security Agency could and would surveillance our internet communication, as they would take any information, either if it was ¨necessary¨ to a case (investigation) or not at all. It is also collecting much information recorded in email. Snowden was one of the first in history to, ¨expose this violation of Americans’ private lives¨ as insisted by the author of Snowden,” Brought NSA’s wrongdoing to light.” As a result, our government could be convicted of stealing our private information that doesn’t belong to them or anyone else, which Snowden exposed within or outside of the country as the NSA had all rights to gain information of everyone around the world at all times.

Conveniently throughout years, much knowledge has been leaked, of the NSA and the FBI spying on everyone in the United States of America as of now and even some people in foreign countries such as, politicians, leaders, and very important people that might not be included in acts of terrorism have been leaked by Snowden and some others. Afterwards, when this news was heard globally, “The president of Brazil has cancelled an official visit to Washington”,(brought to talk by the article, “Brazilian president, angered by spying, spurns dinner with Obama”) and as of that she has been angered at the National Security Agency for spying on her. This led to a deep split of trust between South America’s biggest country and the U.S as of the Obama administration. Their leak of spying has already erupted, and that’s bad enough for a country to have its reputation hurt in a massive blunderous burden for them to keep. Most of all, as of now Obama has told us that “NSA is just keeping our personal information in storage and not using it” as told by the text of Snowden,“ Brought NSA’s wrongdoing to light” but we don’t know if our merely trusted government is even speaking the truth. As they still treat what our government did as, “overeager efforts to protect Americans from terrorism.” Snowden gave out valuable information that the NSA had been spying on everyone in the U.S and foreign countries around the entire the world with the fact that even Obama, the man who we all trusted as president held all of our information in his hands.

Conveniently, this wasn’t it at all, in their process of taking all of our information and keeping it in their storage. They broke the constitution and laws they created since it established policies that gave us liberty and privacy. However, as of now we, the people don’t have that at the moment, which we earned by helping our government win against the British in our revolution and be the powerhouse it is now. We have no way to say, that we honestly have the freedom that we worked so hard to gain. At the most, they have stolen our information, but it isn’t some of the most horrible ways or opportunities that they have had to break the law of our liberty ads when “Martin Luther King Jr.was inspiring millions in the struggle for rights for African Americans. At the same time, the FBI was busy spying on his phone and harassing him”(an argument brought to light before and stated once again by the judge in Snowden,“ Brought NSA’s  wrongdoing to light.” With all the regrets Obama shows one is typically described as too much in troubling broken laws their attempt to seek all of the information is one listed in the article, “After a storm of protests over U.S spying , Obama calls for limits” states a statistic that the NSA, “collected locations and phone numbers of 60 million telephone calls made in Spain”. Then, during their spying regime, “the NSA collected the data of more than 70 million phone calls made in Spain,” and during a similar time they monitored over, “ 46 million phone calls in Italy”. Since he has the right of freedom of speech and to give out any information he wants, which at the current rate is being violated from what the constitution tells as laws and policies of our country as you would be allowed to share anything that you want with your opinion, instead as of now it doesn’t feel safe of what you are to say.  Now bigger and bigger concerns are rising about the secrets left to unveil of what the U.S is still keeping with the NSA, as documents have shown that the government has taken many rights away from ourselves to maintain superiority in the hierarchy chain and dominate any threats from terrorists. However, your daily life, you every thought, your every step is monitored and kept in authority’s hands that you have given no warrant for them to do so in the past, now, and the future. As they will do anything for information on everyone around the world to have ‘protection and defense’ for the U.S.

It has been shown that Edward Snowden is a typical hero for many because of all of the lies he exposed that the U.S government had a controversy with as of this time. Most of all, the “whistleblower,” Snowden helped us learn the main program, that the government had been using to spy on us, called Prism. Which he gave the people direct authority and information of what the government was capturing from us that were invalid for anyone to keep in place at their own will with so much power of wisdom and knowledge that none should keep. As still the author of, “After a storm of protests over U.S  spying, Obama calls for limits” initially the author still thinks, “Ultimately, the United States needs to balance the important role that these programs play in protecting our national security and protecting the security of our allies with legitimate privacy concerns”. Which is one idea that everyone in favor of privacy throughout their nation, will agree upon as it is a violation among the citizens in their land and government, they work for their own country to become successful as we did. Afterwards, as of now, Snowden’s leaks provide a sense of honesty upon an abundance, but Snowden has now been treated as a traitor by the whole society in our government and has now been forced to leave the U.S since if he were to come back he would face a jail time up to 30 year. However, Snowden feels, “proud of what he did and feels a sense of accomplishment”- “Snowden, who told about U.S spying, would like to return home from Russia.” As to the inconvenience of his leaks he is staying in Russia with a permit that is diminishing every year, as he lives somewhere along the streets or buildings of Moscow. Oppose to this, Snowden didn’t do the worst events that could have happened as to how he isn’t a true traitor since he didn’t kill as the only crime he did was to leak information. However, it was a belonging of the residents of the United States to have been liberated and free from surveillance of any kind. In any option Snowden will have left, he is a true hero of this country, for the people, not the government. Now for what the U.S has done grants new turf for them in allegiance and support from others, as of now they have become another country on the list that has become an idea of imprisonment to its citizens to their free speech and liberty to us in the very well known archaic constitution of ours, the free people of the United States of America not it’s spying government as of their action, resulting in Snowden exposing and the reactions of other countries.

Source : GoodNews
Special Thanks : Popular Young Writer Rajan Thapaliya


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