२०८० मंसिर १३ गते | 29th of November 2023

विदेशी रुवाएको प्रकाश सपुतको ‘बोल माया’

 प्रकाशित: २०७५ जेठ १३ गते १९:१९

Entertainment – ‘Bola Maya’ music video has created history in Nepali music industry. This music video is in number one trending videos list for nine days continuously. Lyrics of the song is penned by multi talented lyricist/singer/model/ /director Prakash Saput. Veteran singer Narayan Rayamajhi and folk singer Shanti Shree Pariyar have sung the song along with Prakash himself.

Millions of people have viewed this video within 9 days and the dancer/model Anjali Adhikari and Prakash himself have acted on the video along with other artists. Yesterday streetnepal had an interview with the team ‘Bola Maya’ please have a look.

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